Lex Malla Lex Nulla

Latin is language highly ignored by the General American public. Somewhat surprisingly, the same could be said for the American constitution. The phrase has been repeated throughout history in a variety of ways, most famously, “an unjust law is no law at all.” Unjust is defined by not based on what is morally right. Thankfully,  every person is born with a moral compass with which they can judge the world with. However, it is up to each individual person to decided to follow what that compass says or not.

   But how does this relate to the Constitution? Today, Americans are accustomed to ignoring the moral superior if the other option gives them more “free stuff“. The politicians are ignoring the fundamental laws stated in the American Government’s foundation. We, as citizens under the American Constitution have the right, the privilege, the responsibility to ignore unconstitutional laws. If we succumb to the tyrannical leadership, if we continually give up our freedoms, what’s to stop them from taking it a step further?
   Is this not the people’s government? That’s how it was proposed, at least. Actually, the government is doing a very good job of representing the majority of Americans. The public could easily be described as unvirtuous, lazy, uneducated, and many other choice adjectives. Is that how you would want your home country to be described? I, for one, feel ashamed. America – the great, the beautiful – now resorted to people who don’t know what their rights are.
The people must stand up if they want their government to stay virtuous. The constitution is the law of the land, don’t forget it. Just because a law is passed, doesn’t mean it’s correct.
Rise up, people of the nation.

Yours truly,


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