Tyranny Continues

Many times America has been called a “Modern Rome”, but what does that mean for us? It may mean we are a great empire, that we are strong and wealthy, just as they once were, but what else? Another thing we have in common with Rome, that most try to avoid, is the tyrants. Rome took pride in the fact that they were a “republic”. They had consuls or chief magistrates, and even a senate. The Roman citizens believed they truly were a free people when in fact, they weren’t. They were ruled by tyrant after tyrant and they didn’t even know it. People now and days argue, “Well that can’t happen today”, but it is happening. Open your eyes. I was once taught that each ruler has been given a circle of abilities by the people they govern. They are to know the limits of their power and, when elected, are expected to abide by those limits the people have put in place for them. As soon as they step outside that circle, they are automatically considered a tyrant. Now, if we look at the rulers we have elected for our country can we honestly say they are abiding by the constitution our founding fathers put in place to avoid tyranny? No. This is where you come in. Take a stand. Don’t let this country be led by tyrants. Today is the day to change.

Yours truly,


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