Changing America

“The only foundation of a free Constitution is pure Virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our people…they may change their rulers and the forms of Government, but they will not obtain   a lasting liberty.”
-John Adams, 28 August, 1811

Change. A common enough word, true. You hear it everywhere. You here it in the songs on the radio, as they cry about the fear or resistance to it. You hear it in the movies, “Then everything changed when I saw him, when they left, when I closed my eyes, etc.” You hear it in politics. It was a campaign slogan. Every politician claims they’re ability in changing the world to be the best. I agree, we need to change, but how? Is there a thing as too much change? Or, can a change be for the worst?

Amend. Close enough to change, right? The government has the ability to amend the constitution, and they have taken full advantage of that. But in that, can they change the constitution if it doesn’t fit us?

The United States has changed a lot since the Constitution was created. We’ve gone through 43 presidents and are about to choose another. Our rulers are completely different to the originals. Our level of virtue is also different, unfortunately. That’s not hard to see when you look around. If we change our government, our constitution, our founding principles, will we really change? They say it’s for the better, but how can it be? Will a new constitution inspire a new sense of virtue and purity in the public?

No, it won’t. It’ll legalize corruption. It’s a hard truth, but it’s obvious. We can’t become magically free if we sacrifice freedoms for personal gain. If we were as virtuous as they original body of americans was, then the restrictions put forth in the constitution wouldn’t seem unfit. We can not be free, uneducated, and virtuous. Not anymore.

If we want a fitting government, we must change ourselves, not the predetermined guidelines. We must restore virtue to restore liberty and in turn restore america. Before we can do this, however, we must inspire the people. Even before that we must ourselves become inspired. Change your knowledge. Change your wants. Change your goal. Rise up and become the virtuous spark of inspiration we need. Otherwise, who will?

I can’t be the only voice out there,


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