Except for the Love of Their Country

“This convention [Constitutional Convention] is composed of men who posses the confidence of the people, and many of whom had become highly distinguished by their patriotism, virtue, and wisdom. Without having been awed power, or influenced by any passions except the love of their country” -John Jay
Our last few blog entries have been teaching about tyrants. You’ve learned what a tyrant is, how to recognize it, and how to avoid it. We’ve missed, however, one crucial detail. What kind of people should be leading our country? John Jay knew the answer, as stated in the above quote.
George Washington was our first president. This is a man who gave everything for his country. He sacrificed his life, his time, and his money so we could be free. He was truly and incredible man who deserved to lead this country but the only thing is, he didn’t want to. What he wanted to do after years of leading an army was to quietly live out the rest of his life at his house on Mt. Vernon. But, he accepted the position not because he wanted power, but because he loved his country and everyone in it.
That was just one example. All of the Founding Fathers and many other Patriots and leaders had very similar qualities and the very same motives. The love of their country and Liberty. They were all humble, kind, and virtuous people who knew what they had to do and actually went out and did it. We know people like this have not gone extinct. Why then, do we settle for tyrants who don’t know what needs to be done, who don’t care for their country but only for power? It is our duty to search for the people who live among us that care for and love their country. Let us not settle for those who promise to give us stuff only to distract us from their tyranny. Let us stand up and seek out the virtuous and educated that this country was meant to be ruled by! “The best way to get something done, is to begin!”
Yours Truly,

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