Seek the Good, Avoid the Bad

Unwelcome influences are all around us, they’re just part of our everyday lives. Words, pictures, movies, music, they all seem to be trying to tear us down. How then, can we be expected to create a virtuous people if all the world seems to want to do is wallow in unpleasant media? The answer is simple, surround yourself with things that will lift you up. I know it sounds easier than it is, but it’s not impossible. Although we might not be able to get rid of all poor influences, we certainly can create a dramatic difference in our lives by avoiding them.


Firstly, we need to weed out anything we may surround ourselves with that may create negative thoughts or feelings. The world is trying so hard to convince everyone that listening or watching things that we shouldn’t be is right. I don’t need to point out what is and isn’t right, we were blessed with the ability to naturally distinguish the two. The things we see and hear greatly influence out thoughts and actions and could be holding us back from our true potential if were not careful. George Washington explained “It is much better to be alone than to be in bad company.


Even though it is so important to avoid the nasty things life throws at us, it is equally important to surround ourselves with the things that are good. As dangerous as the stuff that is put out there is, the world sometimes presents us with good things. Search for those that lift you up, not tear you down. You might just be surprised at what you can accomplish when you’re surrounded by the right influences as opposed to the wrong ones. If we strive to better our surroundings, we can become that virtuous people that were intended to live here. David Hume said “we are pretty much masters of what books we shall read, what diversions we shall partake of, and what company we shall keep”

Yours truly,


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