Break the Chains of Tyranny

“Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom.” -John Adams. Why is this? Why must our children know the principles of freedom? The answer is because if we don’t know what it means to be free then we can’t recognize when Liberty is being taken from us.

A tyrant’s main goal is to destroy any threat that stands in the way of him getting complete control. The biggest threat facing tyrants, is educated people. This is because educated people know when a leader has become a tyrant and how to quickly remove him or put him back on the right path before he does any real damage, therefore, making it so the tyrant can never have total power. Allowing a tyrant to rule over you makes you a slave. There’s absolutely no way around it. By definition, a slave is a person who is FORCED to obey another. The difference between a virtuous leader and a tyrant, is a tyrant will force you to obey him, even if you don’t realize it. A virtuous leader will never make laws that are unjust and if they are just, your not forced to obey them, you agreed to obey them. Do not allow yourself to be a slave. As stated is the previous post, don’t fear the crown. Stand up to it! Thomas Jefferson agreed by saying, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”. Nothing is worse than willingly being placed into the chains of tyranny. We have, as mentioned before, an incredible gift as human beings to distinguish good from evil. Tyranny is evil. All that is good points back toward Liberty. Stand up, break the chains, and fight against the tyrant who is trying so hard to hide the educated people.

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