Sacrifices for “Safety”

Our country is coming to a turning point in less than a month. The power and possibility of our future is in our hands, and as that crucial days draws closer, I believe we must keep certain ideals in mind. One of them I found in a recently read quote, “Those who give up Liberty in order to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” When we see this quote, it must make us consider everything floating around our heads lately. The political figures in America constantly promise safety as the outcome to all their actions. They promise to protect our land, liberty, welfare, well-being, future, and everything else that should be our own to control. In exchange for our freedom, our basic rights, they guarantee safety of that which is not in danger. They ferment a false fear in the common people, distracting them from what truly deserves trepidation. If everyone had their rights intact, if everyone fought to provide their own safety instead of compromising someone else’s, we would have no need for the false promises the government provides. We must think when we hear the word safety. We must think if there is a true threat to be protected by this safe-hold. More often than not, the true thing to fear is the continuous loss of liberty the “safety” employs. Consider every promise made by those in search of power, for the safety they promise may mean the endangerment of something much more valuable.

Stay safe,


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