The Jewel of Liberty

Liberty is the greatest gift we are given in this lifetime. We are blessed to be able to choose right from wrong throughout our daily lives and to learn from our mistakes. However, could you imagine living in a place that has complete freedom? Could you imagine a place where everyone could do what he or she wanted as long as it doesn’t threaten others liberty? Or a place where each man and women kept the fruits of their labors and never had to give up anything they rightly earned? This is the place the founding fathers dreamt of and what the United States of America were SUPPOSED to be. Why then, are we not living in that place today? Patrick Henry declared, “Liberty, the greatest of all earthly blessings-give us that jewel and you may take everything else.”
Liberty needs to be our top priority. Sacrifices need to be made in order to restore it. Patrick Henry also teaches us that we must “Guard with jealous attention the public Liberty. Suspect everyone that approaches that jewel.” ¬†Liberty truly is the most amazing of all jewels. In order to restore and preserve it, stand up to anyone who attempts to take it away from you. There is no other way. Read the writings our founding fathers read, learn what they learned, and protect the most sacred of all gifts. Guard the jewel of liberty with everything you have.

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