What We’re Meant To Be

In 1787, a group of incredible men came together to form a government which would preserve liberty and protect every state. After many drafts and much debating, they finally settled on the Constitution we have today. We know it was written to “form a perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure these blessings to ourselves and our posterity.” But what does that mean? Most people don’t know that the United States of America weren’t meant to be a single country, they were meant to be 50 separate countries that only came together if they were collectively being threatened or if their liberty was in danger. When we think about that today, it’s easy to say that’s not what it ended up being. Today, we have an all powerful government that somehow has the ability to control every single state without any difficulty. When the founding fathers created this union, they imagined a place where each state had their own set of laws and their own government, that meant that if you didn’t agree to a set of laws then you could move to a different state and have completely different rules. Could you image what that would be like today? The federal government would have absolutely no power to control anything that had to do with the individual states. They would only have power to keep us safe and most importantly, protect our liberty. That’s what we’re meant to be! We’re meant to have control of everything we do in our lives without having to worry about the government making the decisions for us. We are supposed to have freedom to do what we’d like as long as it doesn’t effect anyone else’s liberty. That is what Liberty is. That is what we are striving for now. Let us bring back what we were at the beginning and what we are meant to be now. 


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