Knowing is All it Takes

Educate yourself. We’ve advised this countless times. However, we haven’t really pointed out why. As taught by so many people who came before us, the only thing a tyrant wants to do is gain power. In order to do this, the first step a tyrant takes is changing the people’s priorities. Instead of wanting to educate themselves, the people become convinced that food and entertainment is more important. They trade liberty, for luxury. 

Why is an educated person so scary to a tyrant? Because if people know things, if they’ve read about the past tyrants, then they can recognize a tyrant. Those educated people would then look back to the writings of wise men who came before and realize that the tyrant must be stripped from this crown. If people knew what the founding fathers knew, then they would know liberty is the most important of all gifts and they would do everything in their power to keep that gift, making it impossible for a tyrant to gain power. That is why we do this. If enough people know these things, then there is no way a tyrant will ever rise to power again. However, simply taking our word for it won’t be enough. There is a list of amazing writers and orators who inspired the founding fathers, and who inspire us. Read their writings and you will see why it liberty is so important.  This is where their writings are available for free. Read them, and see for yourself. 

Thank you,


Nobody is Immune´╗┐

Almost everyone alive has been taught that federalists were the good guys, and anti-federalists were the bad guys but this isn’t really true. Both federalists and anti-federalists made very strong and convincing points and they were both trying to defend their liberty, they just had different opinions of how to do so. 

One point that the federalists made was that America was different. That America was a chosen land. They said that there was no way America could ever fall into tyranny and even if a tyrant did happen to rise to power, the people would immediately rid themselves of the person threatening their freedom. 
They might’ve been right, America might have been and still might be a chosen land but this doesn’t mean that America is immune to tyranny. The anti-federalists said that just because America is different doesn’t mean that the people are. No matter where you are, if the people lose their virtue and their desire to learn and teach, then they will lose their liberty. 
This can also apply to us on a personal level. People naturally tend to compare themselves to other people, thinking “since this person is smarter than me they will handle everything so I don’t have to”, when this simply isn’t the case. Nobody is immune. Once you hear something and gain knowledge from it, you are responsible for what you do with the knowledge you’re given. Just because America is supposed to be free doesn’t mean that it is. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are free merely because you live here. Do everything you can to restore what has been lost because you are not immune to the consequences that come if you don’t. 
Yours truly,

Relying on Reason

Reason is a gift given to every person who lives on this earth. Some people cherish it, while others ignore and never use it. It is easy to see how important reason truly is by simply looking at the definition, which is, “the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic.” Without this logic, we would have no power to form opinions, to learn, think, or understand anything for ourselves. We wouldn’t even be able to decide right from wrong, which is the basis of human thought.

We are taught by many, that one of the main goals of a tyrant is to withdraw the reason we were given. Without reason, you are so easily swayed, and will believe everything they tell you simply because you don’t know otherwise. Therefore, if you are lacking reason, you will adhere to every command, rule, or “law” the tyrant orders, whether it is virtuous, or wicked. A tyrant will only survive if they can convince the people their way is right and they can only convince the people their way is right if the people don’t use reasoning. A person who uses logic and reasoning will see that tyranny is nothing but evil and will not stand for it. A person who uses logic and reasoning will never be ruled by a tyrant.

Relying on reason is the first step to virtue and only through virtue will a tyrant be forced down from his throne.