Relying on Reason

Reason is a gift given to every person who lives on this earth. Some people cherish it, while others ignore and never use it. It is easy to see how important reason truly is by simply looking at the definition, which is, “the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic.” Without this logic, we would have no power to form opinions, to learn, think, or understand anything for ourselves. We wouldn’t even be able to decide right from wrong, which is the basis of human thought.

We are taught by many, that one of the main goals of a tyrant is to withdraw the reason we were given. Without reason, you are so easily swayed, and will believe everything they tell you simply because you don’t know otherwise. Therefore, if you are lacking reason, you will adhere to every command, rule, or “law” the tyrant orders, whether it is virtuous, or wicked. A tyrant will only survive if they can convince the people their way is right and they can only convince the people their way is right if the people don’t use reasoning. A person who uses logic and reasoning will see that tyranny is nothing but evil and will not stand for it. A person who uses logic and reasoning will never be ruled by a tyrant.

Relying on reason is the first step to virtue and only through virtue will a tyrant be forced down from his throne. 

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