Knowing is All it Takes

Educate yourself. We’ve advised this countless times. However, we haven’t really pointed out why. As taught by so many people who came before us, the only thing a tyrant wants to do is gain power. In order to do this, the first step a tyrant takes is changing the people’s priorities. Instead of wanting to educate themselves, the people become convinced that food and entertainment is more important. They trade liberty, for luxury. 

Why is an educated person so scary to a tyrant? Because if people know things, if they’ve read about the past tyrants, then they can recognize a tyrant. Those educated people would then look back to the writings of wise men who came before and realize that the tyrant must be stripped from this crown. If people knew what the founding fathers knew, then they would know liberty is the most important of all gifts and they would do everything in their power to keep that gift, making it impossible for a tyrant to gain power. That is why we do this. If enough people know these things, then there is no way a tyrant will ever rise to power again. However, simply taking our word for it won’t be enough. There is a list of amazing writers and orators who inspired the founding fathers, and who inspire us. Read their writings and you will see why it liberty is so important.  This is where their writings are available for free. Read them, and see for yourself. 

Thank you,


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