What We Are Meant to Be

We don’t start out life with the perfect idea of who we’re supposed to be, despite how much we wish that were true. Of course there are signs – natural strengths and the sort. But our destiny is not obvious. Sometimes the desire to leave an impression weighs so much on our shoulders that we grow reckless in our actions. We believe that we’re meant to sacrifice ourselves for the “greater good” any time the opportunity is there because that’s the most noble and the most dense contribution to make. This is not always true. Dying, throwing yourself into harms way, is not the most hard. Sometimes living, fighting through every challenge, dedicating yourself to see an end, is much more painstaking. To see something through means so much more than just having a brief moment of bravery. The founding fathers could have been reckless. They could have stopped at nothing to have a bloody battle and that be the end. They all could have thrown themselves into the middle of a battlefield trying to prove that they were true patriots. Some did, and maybe that was what was supposed to happen, but others knew they would be needed not just to fight but to write and speak and develop. Before we decide what to do with our lives, we must look at who we are and where we belong. It will take time – hours of analyzing behaviors and words, strengths and weaknesses – but it will be worth it in the end. Because maybe we are meant to be the martyr who shows their dedication through battle and strife. Or maybe we are the chosen who must carry on, preserve ourselves through the fight so we may live to see another day that we help create. It is not always clear who we are meant to be, but eventually we will know what is the right decision. We will see it in the praises from those journeying with us. It will feel solid, not fleeting. It won’t be a fast choice, a last minute path. It will be obvious because it has always been there. You will look back and know that this is where life has been leading for years past. So when you say that you will die for your cause, truly think about what those words mean. Because we are willing to live for our cause, to continue through life writing and speaking with liberty in our voice. We are not soldiers, we are writers and that is what we’ll do. We will live through tyranny so we may introduce freedom once again. And we believe that is one of the strongest decisions we have made.

Will you join us on the battlefield of life?

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