“Desire, Emotion, and Knowledge”

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”-Plato
Desire is a topic we have not yet written about but also one of utmost importance. Desire is the fuel with which people are driven. Desire is the reason we write to you every week. I have a strong desire to create change. I want to create a country in which liberty is at hand and a tyrant is looked down upon and never let into power. I have a desire that as our writings are read every week, that those reading them will have a desire in them to create a change, and that the fire I feel will spread to others. Most importantly, I have a true, deep, and sincere desire for liberty. I have yet to experience real liberty, but my desire to do so is real. Without these desires that I have, or that many people who came before me have had, there would be no change.

Emotion has the same effect, emotion can lead people to do incredible things. As I was thinking about how emotion effects us, I realized it’s what leads to desire. When you’re listening to or reading something, and it makes you feel inspired, and hopeful, it will cause you to do things you may have not done before.

Knowledge is what makes all of these things so important. Knowledge is what controls what you can do with desire and emotion. About a year ago, I began to read, for the first time, the words of our founding fathers. I gained knowledge about liberty, and from that knowledge, I felt emotions I had never felt before, which led to the strong desire I described earlier, which ultimately lead to America Restored. Without this knowledge, and without someone being willing to teach me these things, this would have never happened. I would never have felt the emotions that led to my desire for change. Knowledge is where we need to start.

One amazing teacher inspired me, and I hope I can teach others and inspire them, who will do the same. This is how a change will be made.  This is how we can all finally experience complete liberty.


Please continue to learn, and teach,




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