Learn For Yourself

When we suggest that you follow the founders in their education, the reason isn’t just so you can have knowledge that other people do not. We want you to read in order to think. As Francis Bacon wrote, “Read not to contradict and confute; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider.” You need to read things in order to understand and to take in what you read. It’s not just ammo to use against people. You need to understand the things that you read and take them into consideration. But considering and understanding doesn’t mean agreeing. You don’t have to take everything you read as the truth, but you do need to at least to to understand it. If you read to understand, then the principles will at least affect you. Reading the words of these people for yourself will give you the ability to make decisions that will effect your whole life. You will not understand everything you read, and you won’t agree with everything you read. You need to practice understanding the words written just like you would practice a sport and eventually, you will be able to understand more than you ever thought you could and be able to determine what you will and will not agree with based on the things you’ve come to know. Reading should not be considered a chore, but a blessing. It is a blessing that we can read first hand what our founding fathers read. We don’t have to take the word of anyone because we can learn for ourselves and make ourselves better. 

You Are Not Alone

Every time we publish an entry each week, we try to envision the lessons we are attempting to teach but in all honesty, we have no idea what you learn from each entry. Everyone’s perspective is completely different and there’s no way to fully know how to get the same message across to each person, however, we hope you all have this in common, we hope each of you can feel the importance of the things which we write about. We realize it may be difficult to acknowledge the significance of these principles because if you do, you have a duty to use the knowledge you now have to protect your liberty, and the liberty of everyone else, and that is a hard thing to take on… we get it. But remember this, you are not alone. There are many others around the country today striving for the same thing you are, and there are even more from the past, cheering you on, knowing that what you’re doing is right. Remember all those who came before us, those who sacrificed everything for their liberty and your liberty. They would not have given their time, money, and even their lives if they did not firmly believe liberty was worth saving. Cling to the examples of your ancestors and the people who live today who all strive for change. It wasn’t and isn’t easy for them, it isn’t easy for us, and it won’t be easy for you but Henry B. Eyring said “If you are on the right path, it will always be uphill.” Look around you, there are so many people climbing up the hill with you, and there are also those who already climbed the hill, and they are anxiously waiting to show you how great the view is. You are not alone. You will never be alone.


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The Way You Want It To Be

When people, mostly children or teenagers, remark on the unfairness of the world or the trouble with those in it, they’re meant with a chorus of “that’s just the way things are, life isn’t fair, you are just gonna have to accept it, etc.”. But why? We tell the younger generations that the world can’t be trusted and that they will be stuck with that for the rest of their lives. All this does is breed our children to be untrusting to one another and then the trust is never built. This always frustrates me when I hear it. It’s regarded as common fact that the world is a bad, unfair place and it will never change. Of course it will remain the same if we teach every generation the same things. We can no longer breed contention and distrust. Instead, why not tell your kids that they have the power to change the world as we know it. People claim that it doesn’t matter because one person won’t change anything. If everyone is taught that the world is bad now but it can change, then everyone will be inspired to make a difference. All it takes is one voice loud enough to turn heads. People need to light the spark of change early in their children so it can continue to grow all through their lives. No longer should we say that “it’s just the way the world is,” no, it’s the way the world was until they make a change. Instead of bringing up a generation of acceptors, raise an army of determined advocators. Because once these children, who have been spoon fed the proper nourishment for a good, virtuous society are the ones in charge of what goes on, they’ll know nothing but the right choices. 

Have Courage to Do What is Right

“The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage.” -Unknown 

It seems to me that every human being has a desire for freedom. They may not know exactly what that freedom is, or they might look at “freedom” with a different meaning, but the desire to be able to control your own life is always there. However, everyone also has a desire to be safe, or to gain things of the world. Often, the latter desire wins. Precious liberty is exchanged for the things of the world which will one day be useless. It takes courage to be able to trust that the fight for liberty will be worth it in the end. It is hard to give up the gifts a tyrant hangs over you but ultimately, it will be worth it. A tyrant is clever… he deceives you into believing that you need the things he has to offer you because, if you rely on him, you allow him to control over you and to make you do and allow terrible things you would never have done or allowed to be done otherwise. Don’t be fooled. The happiness you think you might gain from diamonds or rubies, is nothing compared to the happiness you will experience when you obtain liberty. Have the courage needed to stand up for what deep down, everyone knows is right. Then will you be able to unlock the precious jewel that is liberty and unlock true happiness.