Have Courage to Do What is Right

“The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage.” -Unknown 

It seems to me that every human being has a desire for freedom. They may not know exactly what that freedom is, or they might look at “freedom” with a different meaning, but the desire to be able to control your own life is always there. However, everyone also has a desire to be safe, or to gain things of the world. Often, the latter desire wins. Precious liberty is exchanged for the things of the world which will one day be useless. It takes courage to be able to trust that the fight for liberty will be worth it in the end. It is hard to give up the gifts a tyrant hangs over you but ultimately, it will be worth it. A tyrant is clever… he deceives you into believing that you need the things he has to offer you because, if you rely on him, you allow him to control over you and to make you do and allow terrible things you would never have done or allowed to be done otherwise. Don’t be fooled. The happiness you think you might gain from diamonds or rubies, is nothing compared to the happiness you will experience when you obtain liberty. Have the courage needed to stand up for what deep down, everyone knows is right. Then will you be able to unlock the precious jewel that is liberty and unlock true happiness. 

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