The Way You Want It To Be

When people, mostly children or teenagers, remark on the unfairness of the world or the trouble with those in it, they’re meant with a chorus of “that’s just the way things are, life isn’t fair, you are just gonna have to accept it, etc.”. But why? We tell the younger generations that the world can’t be trusted and that they will be stuck with that for the rest of their lives. All this does is breed our children to be untrusting to one another and then the trust is never built. This always frustrates me when I hear it. It’s regarded as common fact that the world is a bad, unfair place and it will never change. Of course it will remain the same if we teach every generation the same things. We can no longer breed contention and distrust. Instead, why not tell your kids that they have the power to change the world as we know it. People claim that it doesn’t matter because one person won’t change anything. If everyone is taught that the world is bad now but it can change, then everyone will be inspired to make a difference. All it takes is one voice loud enough to turn heads. People need to light the spark of change early in their children so it can continue to grow all through their lives. No longer should we say that “it’s just the way the world is,” no, it’s the way the world was until they make a change. Instead of bringing up a generation of acceptors, raise an army of determined advocators. Because once these children, who have been spoon fed the proper nourishment for a good, virtuous society are the ones in charge of what goes on, they’ll know nothing but the right choices. 

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