Only Virtue Can Lead to Strength

To use Algernon Sidney’s words once again, “the glory, virtue and power of the Romans began and ended with their virtue”. We are promised today by our country’s leaders that they will make our nation greater, stronger, and more powerful than it ever was before. Though it may seem like they are delivering, or that we live in the most powerful empire, how long can it last? Rome began abundant in liberty, they prided themselves on their freedom; however, like most empires, they began to get greedy. They wanted a country that was greater, stronger, and more powerful than the rest and in the process of doing so, they lost their virtue and liberty. Eventually, Rome fell. They lost any power and strength they ever had and that’s what their known for today. How then, can we expect to be the strong unless city liberty and virtue abounds? Rome is just one example, there have been countless cities and cultures that have been lost once their liberty was lost. Now, they warn us not to make the mistake and guard that jewel first. Once that happens, we can be great, or strong, or powerful, but only if we are free. It is “ridiculous to think that fortune, which of all things is the most variable, could for so many ages continue the same course, unless supported by virtue”. Only those who deserve fortune, will receive fortune. Live your life in a way that will allow yourself, and those around you to inherit greatness and preserve liberty. To end, I just want to say that we hope you keep your hearts and minds open to new ideas as you read our words each week. The things we write we write because we believe them. We know them to be true, and we know the founding fathers knew them to be true as well, and we have a strong desire to feel the liberty they fought so hard for. 

Thank you all, 


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