Prioritizing Liberty

A law, is a rule put in place within the bounds of the Constitution to protect the property and liberty of the people living under that law. It is not a rule put in place by the one man to make the people do whatever he desires. By living in the united states of America, we agree to obey any law that is put into place, and we should; however, a law that is not created within the bounds of the Constitution is not a law at all. Unfortunately, if you break a “law”, even if it technically isn’t a law, you will be punished for it. Does this seem right? Today, one man can say a few words and he can get millions of people to obey them because most of those people believe he has the power to do so. Like Algernon Sidney says, ” ’tis hard to comprehend how one man can come to master many, equal to himself in right.” We were all born with the same amount of liberty, and a conscience that tells us how it needs to be used, but somehow, one man is able to take that liberty from millions of people, either by “consent or force”. Though it doesn’t seem right, it has been this way for years and not many have done anything to stop it. Why? Because people are taught that is isn’t a priority. It is too often tempting, to put aside what is really important, simply because they aren’t as easy as some other things we could be doing. Other times, we tell ourselves don’t have time for these things because we have more important things that need to be done. This seems to be the attitude of most people, the world has us believing we can be doing anything but the things that truly matter; fortunately, there is a simple solution to this dilemma we all seem to be experiencing, prioritize.

As Dallin H. Oaks says, “”desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and our choices determine our actions.” If you have a real desire to make a change, or to do something good, that will become a priority in your life, and if that becomes a true priority, you will find it becomes much easier to sacrifice some of the time you could have spent chasing worldly pleasures, to do something that really matters. You will be able to stop the unjust laws if it’s really important to you to do so. We live under a government that is more concerned with riches and power than with happiness and freedom, and like Algernon Sidney “if it be liberty to live under such a government, I desire to know what is slavery.” Fortunately, we do not have to continue to live as slaves. I plead with you to make liberty a priority in your life, so the many, will not settle to be governed by the few.

Yours truly,


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