Begin With Yourself

It is easy to pin the blame for our loss of liberty on an outside disturbance, because then, it’s not our fault. I just want to make one thing plain, when liberty is scarce, it is because the people have lost some component which is essential for the preservation of that liberty. No matter how hard the tyrant tries, if the people care about liberty, and posses the virtue, strength, and courage required to maintain it, the tyrant will always fail. Ezra Taft Benson said, “I’d rather be dead than to lose my liberty. I have no fear we’ll ever lose it because of invasion from the outside, but I do have fear that it may slip away from us because of our own indifference, our own negligence, as citizens of this land.” We need to be alert and cautious; we need to realize that if we hope to one day obtain liberty, it is necessary for us to start with ourselves. Though this weeks entry may be brief, I hope you realize what we are trying to accomplish. We realize that we may not  see a significant effect now, but we know that by reaching out, we can reach the minds of people who might not have read these things otherwise and because of that, we will be one step closer to liberty. 

With hope and promise,


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