Don’t Ask. Act!

How can we become virtuous, destroy tyranny, or restore liberty when the world around us seems so against it? Today, people hear or read what we are trying to teach and cringe, because they are subjects we are taught to be uncomfortable around. I will admit there have been times when I have felt uneasy with the things I was reading, not because they weren’t true, but because they were so foreign to the things I had always been taught. However, soon the uneasiness I felt turned into a love of liberty. Our goal, is to help others feel the same way we do, and dismiss the feelings of discontent when surrounded by these principles. The key to accomplishing this is to stop asking the world for approval, and begin doing what you know is right. Once you do this, you will feel happiness and joy, rather than discomfort and nervousness. Read the words from the men and women who came before us, who loved and cherished liberty, and you will see that they knew these things to be true.

Now, another question that has at one point crossed my mind is, “what if these things were true, but aren’t anymore?” We are led to believe that these principles are “old fashioned” but as I read more and more, I realized that each and every one of the things they taught over 200 years ago, still apply today. They are not old fashioned, they are words of advice from those who previously went through similar experiences, and learned from them. If we want to be remembered as a people who loved and cherished liberty, just as these men and women were, we need to take action and fight for it. Alexander Hamilton showed great faith for the people in the future, or for us. He said that if a man ever decided to take more power than was given him, the people “would be obliged to act, and in such a manner as would leave no doubt that they had encroached on their natural rights.” So now it is our turn to act, and show others that we care for our rights and we cherish our liberty. Do not be misled into believing these principles are irrelevant because they are just as true today as they were hundreds of years ago. I urge you to use the obstacles the world puts forth to your advantage so we can be one step closer to liberty. Restore those freedoms we are meant to posses and never let them be taken away again.

Yours truly,


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