What One Year Can Bring

One year ago today we published our very first entry. Since then, we have been able to experience so much and hopefully have been able to teach others the truths we hold so dear. Though we began this website as an attempt to reach out to and teach others, I can honestly say that I feel that writing these entries each week has helped and taught me in more ways than anyone else.  I look back to when we began and I simply cannot believe how far we have come as a website, but more importantly how far I’ve come as an individual. Though it is impossible for me to write them all down, I would like to share just a few truths I have learned this past year that are most important to me.

First, something I’ve stated countless times, personal virtue. I had absolutely no idea when I began how important it really is to be virtuous not just for yourself, but for everyone around you and for future generations. What you do now can truly effect the lives of a countless number of people. Another essential truth is the importance of educating yourself. I will admit, when I first began writing America Restored, I would read a chapter of a book here and there, but most of the time I would write having not read anything that week. However, I slowly began to realize that each time I read, everything I wrote seemed to have more power than when I was simply writing just to have an entry put up. The words of Algernon Sidney, Trenchard and Gordon, and Cicero are full of so many lessons that they allow me to write with more strength than I could ever do alone. The final thing I wanted to emphasize is to remember the men and women from the past who cherished liberty in such a way that it caused them to sacrifice all they had in order to preserve it. Looking back on their examples is what continues to inspire me today because no matter which way you look at it, you cannot deny the fact that they loved liberty in a way unfathomable to us today. I aspire to become as they were and hope we can restore the liberty they fought so hard to keep.

To conclude, we just wanted to thank those who taught us these incredible truths, those who take the time to read what we write, and those who are making an effort everyday to restore liberty. Thank you so much for this amazing year of support. This experience has presented so many opportunities that we would never have imagined. We have loved every minute of this journey. It has led us to develop our beliefs, our thoughts, and our lives. Thank you for letting us share this journey with you. I hope that we can continue to grow not only this website, but this connection between us two writers and all of you. Thank you all for your continued support. Here’s to many more years to come! 

Thank you,


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