Recognizing Tyranny

John Trenchard advised, “Beware, my friends, of the first step, and know your whole journey before you move one foot…When we are engaged, we cannot retreat; one step will draw another.” So, what is it we’re fighting against? What is tyranny? Tyranny is one of the reasons Samuel Pufendorf said, “More inhumanity (to man) has been done by man himself than any other of nature’s causes.” Liberty is one of the most sacred and glorious gifts, and tyranny destroys that gift in cunning and dishonest ways. Tyrants harm men and women by convincing them they are being saved. They will stop at nothing to obtain power and the only way they can do so is through consent or force; so a tyrant will trick the people into giving him their consent, or force the people into giving up their precious gift. Either way, the people are being deprived of their liberty, which is more destructive than any natural disaster. Think of a typical villain from any book or movie. If I am not mistaken, most villains attack the protagonist of the story because they want power and the hero is standing in their way of obtaining it. They go to extreme measures in order to destroy the person who is threatening their reign. This doesn’t just happen in fairy tales, it is happening every single day but, like the protagonist in most stories, we just might not recognize who is the villain right away. Tyrants will not hesitate to get rid of anything that stands in their way of power. Today, they are destroying the minds of those most capable of restoring liberty by getting rid of the words of incredible men, they are making sure we cannot fight back by disarming the people, and they are convincing everyone they are doing this just for our safety and well-being. Luckily, we are the heroes of this story. We must recognize who the villain is and do all we can to bring him down in order to save the liberty of those living today, and those who will come after us. Just like any story on the screen or on a page, if we continue to fight for what we know is right, we wil win. I urge you to learn to recognize tyranny so you will know what you are fighting against. I promise you once you do this, you will find it that much easier to restore liberty. 

Yours truly,


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