Who is Meant to Lead?

In last week’s post, I listed qualities that should be avoided when looking for a leader, but who can we trust to protect our property, our lives, and above all, our liberty? Those who are entrusted with the responsibility of preserving a nation should be those who first and foremost have demonstrated countless times that they live virtuous lives. Hugo Grotious stated that, “A man cannot govern a nation if he cannot govern a city; he cannot govern a city if he cannot govern his family; he cannot govern his family unless he can govern himself.” It does not make sense that we should trust someone to govern over us who cannot prove they can govern themselves. Those fit to lead display their virtue through their love of liberty, their humility, and their knowledge.

The most important duty given to those appointed to lead is meant to be preserving the liberty of the people, but a leader will fail to do so if they do not cherish liberty the way it is meant to be cherished. One would show they are meant to lead by displaying his love of that precious gift. In addition, those who are given authority to govern over us should be those who do not seek power, but seek to preserve the power the people hold over themselves. They sacrifice their time, not expecting anything in return, because they care about the well-being of those who have chosen them to lead. Finally, a leader must know how to govern righteously and know about past events and principles to guide them in the future. If someone does not know the principles of liberty and tyranny taught by so many people before us, they cannot govern over us virtuously.

To sum up, a tyrant is a leader who forcefully takes power or cunningly tricks people into giving it to him. A virtuous leader, the kind we are meant to have, will do everything he can to preserve liberty, and never seek for anything more. These virtuous leaders are out there, and if you can’t find one, become one. I hope you realize the type of people we must seek for, and the type of people we must avoid, as one cherishes liberty, and the other destroys it. I want to emphasize my gratitude, once again, for everyone who is making an effort to restore liberty, I promise your efforts are not in vain. Never stop laboring for what you know to be right.

Yours truly,


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