Necessity is Our Inspiration

Why do we do what we do? In life, why do we act? What leads us to our choices or our actions? As Trenchard and Gordon wrote, “necessity is the mother of invention…” We act because we need to. When holes open, people need to fill them. Inspiration can always be seen as a need. A need to write, a need to study, a need to learn, a need to speak up, a need to stand out. While there are obvious necessities around us, there are those you must find for yourself. What is necessary for you to do? If you look at your choices as necessities, it makes you think about your actions. Is what you are doing really important? What will it create? Find your own path by finding what you need to do. Remember that your actions will lead to something. Will that something fill up a hole or will it simply create a new one? Take the time to consider why it is that you are acting. Why do you do what you do? Is it necessary or are you giving someone else a reason to act?
Do what is necessary,

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