Be as the Builders of the Nation

As I have written about countless times before, there have been many men and women who sacrificed so much for liberty, religion, and knowledge. These people didn’t care about the scolding and mocking they received, nor did they care that what they believed in, contradicted the things everyone had been taught to believe, these men and women were pioneers because they paved their own path, despite all their hardships. We hear of their stories, and admire their bravery, but do we ever think why they really did what they did or what they must have felt? It is true, in most circumstances they wanted freedom, whether it was freedom to worship how they wished, learn what they wanted to learn, or just have liberty in general; but they wanted this freedom, not just for themselves, but for us. These pioneers made all those sacrifices so we could receive the blessings that came from them. Algernon Sidney, who wrote Discourses Concerning Government, was given the choice to take back what he had written, or to be executed; he chose the latter and was beheaded. It is obvious he did not do so for himself, but because it was so important to him that others knew of the things he had written and that they would know of a surety they were true by his sacrifice. As I write each week, I try to look at the examples of these pioneers and know that even if we don’t get back our liberty in 10 years, or 50 years, or even in our lifetime, that one day those who come after us will receive the blessings of liberty, and that is worth it. Each of us has the opportunity to be pioneers, as our ancestors once were, and pave new paths so that our posterity will know, for a surety, of the truthfulness and importance of liberty by our examples. Today, as we think of their examples, I hope we can all fight for our freedoms as they did, and let their sacrifices not be in vain. 
Yours truly,


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