The Definition of a Law

Frédérick Basiat taught, “Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place.” But what exactly is a law? Many people have been led to believe that if the president or any other government official decides to put a rule into place, it is a law and therefore must be followed. I will declare right now that this is a false idea. A law is a rule put into place, as Basiat said, for the protection of our lives, liberty, and property, within the bounds of the Constitution. If it does not follow these standards then it must not be obeyed. Now, I understand that this is easier said then done as people are still punished as if these rules were laws, this is yet another reason why we write. The more people there are that understand this principle, the more people can take a stand for what it right. It is sad it see that not only are these “laws” not completing their initial purpose, they are doing the opposite and putting boundaries on life, liberty, and property. Somehow instead of protecting these things, they are taking them away in order to satisfy the greed of those who have put these “laws” into place. It is time we stop accepting everything and recognize that it is ok to resist when you are resisting tyranny. This nation was meant for more than this, there is far more potential than any of us can recognize in this country, and in ourselves. It is our duty to live up to this potential and help others do the same. These “laws” we have been taught to obey, the ones that have put a stop on liberty, cannot be the reason we quit fighting for that liberty. As said in a previous entry, don’t fear the crown, and always fight for what is right, despite the hardships the world may throw at you. One day these “laws” will be discarded and replaced with real laws, laws that protect us, instead of harm us; on that day we will rejoice and say farewell to the tyranny that had destroyed our liberty. 
With confidence and assurance,


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