Patterns From the Past

About 1,500 years ago, Rome fell because of greed and tyranny. Approximately 1,200 years later, the united states of America became subject to tyranny and they fought to take back their liberty. Now, 250 years after that, we are again subject to tyranny. Of course, these are just a few examples in history of when an empire has seen the destruction of tyranny. History has been repeated over and over again by men who have not learned from it, but their mistakes can be our greatest tool in restoring liberty today. Thanks to history, we know what mistakes led to the destruction of nations that we can now avoid, and more importantly, we know how brave men and women were able to restore liberty after it had been taken. They laid out a blueprint of what we need to do today in order to accomplish the same task they did 250 years ago. David A. Bednar taught, “A pattern is a guide or a model. Patterns are used in sewing and knitting, in wood and metalworking, and in a wide variety of other productive pursuits, activities, and jobs. Patterns help to avoid waste and unwanted deviations and facilitate uniformity that is appropriate and beneficial.” We can use all that has happened so far as a pattern for our lives so we can avoid making the same errors that were made in the past, and continue doing the brave and virtuous things that we admire from the past. We need to study the ups and downs from history so we can be prepared for the future. We have everything we need to restore liberty available to us. We can access it all with little effort, yet so many of us choose to remember a few names and dates and move on, not bothering to analyze the lessons and principles being taught from the things people have already experienced. So much knowledge can be received from studying the examples of those from the past, and through them we can be better than ever before. Study history and the principles that can be learned from it; then a perfect blueprint for what you are trying to build will be laid before you, all you need to do is follow it.

Yours truly,


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