The Heroes for Our Happy Ending

A typical fairytale begins with the protagonist of the story in a situation that isn’t completely awful, but is also not their ideal situation. As the story progresses, however, the character’s situation worsens to a point where they cannot stand it anymore and they realize something needs to be done. At that point the character becomes the hero of the story, doing whatever he or she can to come to the ideal happy ending that we all know is going to happen. 

Though we may not live in a world with fairy godmothers and evil enchantresses, we all sometimes end up going through the same pattern. For example; tyranny begins with a small step in the wrong direction, when someone does something we have not given them the power to do. A tyrant will not begin by taking complete control of each aspect of our lives. As the tyranny progresses, we might not recognize what it is, but we do recognize something isn’t quite right. However, we also decide that it is not too bad so we let it slide until we are at the point where the tyrant has taken control of every part of our lives. According to history, that is usually the point when people start to take back their liberty, but in cases like ours, the people continue to let the tyrant do what he wishes despite the negative effects. This is the point of the story where the hero needs to act. Unfortunately, people who don’t see a villain, don’t take a stand so that means we need to become the hero. In this story, we can be the ones to stop the villain, or the tyrant, so we can come to our happy ending. Everyone wants the happily ever after, where the villain is defeated and we can live our lives in peace; but this does not happen on its own. We must recognize the villain and defeat them in order to get the perfect ending to our story. I know that as we strive to do so, the villainous tyranny can and will be removed from his thrown and liberty will reign. 

With confidence and assurance,


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