Seek Out Knowledge and Be Wise

The subject of knowledge is one I have written about a number of times, but one that can not be stressed enough. William Shakespeare taught, “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.” It is foolish to think that at some point you have learned everything and that you need not seek knowledge anymore. There is so much even the wisest of men still don’t know, and it is impossible to have learned all of the knowledge that the world has to offer. Only once I began reading more than just fictional stories did I realize how little I really know. To be wise is not to know everything, but to recognize how much there is to learn, and to seek out that knowledge. Many people are led to believe that once they have gotten to a certain point, they have learned “enough” and that, though there is more knowledge out there, there is no need to seek it out because it is useless, but I will again use the statement made by James Madison, that “knowledge will forever govern ignorance.” If we refuse to learn all we can, we will be forced into slavery by those who know more than we do. However, if we will take the time and effort required to gain as much knowledge as we can, then we can know more than those who rule over us, and once again obtain liberty. Benjamin Franklin also spoke of the importance of learning. He taught, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” What we learn now, we will not only use in our own lifetimes, but can be taught to others and affect the lives of many more. Knowledge, accompanied by virtue, is the key to a free nation. I encourage you to find every opportunity to seek it out, for yourself and those around you.

Yours truly,


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