Stand Firm in Your Principles

Thomas Jefferson stated, “in manners of style, swim with the current; in manners of principle, stand like a rock.”

In today’s society, there are trends and styles that come and go rather quickly. Through all these changes, it is easy to want to follow each latest craze and feel part of, and accepted by society, but it is important to recognize that while some of these newest ideas are harmless and can be embraced, some ideas are harmful, and take place of true, good principles. The principles of liberty are timeless, but are no longer being taught. The principles of education and knowledge have been taken and changed into something that has a completely different purpose from what they were meant to accomplish. The principles of virtue have been set aside and pushed away. Why is it that these incredibly important and valuable principles have been taken out of today’s society? They have been, and always will be, important to understand; however, today they are looked at as “old fashioned” and irrelevant. To this I agree with Patrick Henry, that if these principles “be deemed old fashioned… I am contended to be so.” It is ok to be part of society and keep up with the latest trends, but never if you have to compromise the principles you know to be true. Never throw away these truths because they can be your most powerful tool in restoring liberty and virtue.

Yours truly,


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