Jusk Ask


This is sometimes one of the most daunting questions that we can be faced with, while at the same time being a simple three letters. People can almost develop a fear of asking questions.

So, why do we do this?

Not because we don’t want to ask, but because we’re afraid of the answer. A questions like “why” can lead to so many different paths and you have no control over where it leads. So you stay silent. You let the moment pass. You stay curious in your thoughts but silent in you actions. And that’s when bad things happen.


Because if you do not question, there is no barrier for someone to break through. If no ever questions your actions, then there’s no reason to stop. Our government is where it is today because no one ever stopped to ask “why”. No one ever questioned where things were headed or why officials were doing what they did. They just turned their heads. They didn’t care enough to ask. Or maybe they didn’t know enough to ask.


Because a lack of questions also leads to a lack of knowledge. You must ask to receive. Information is found through a series of questions. If you ever want to stop something, you must find out why it is going. In order to correct the misdoings of our government, we must ask why it has gotten to where it is and how to fix it. Seek out the answers to the questions of your mind, or they will remain simply that. Questions.

Ask your friends “why”. Ask your teachers “why”. Ask your family “why”. Ask your government “why”. Ask yourself “why”. Ask “why” to anything that makes you question for many reasons, if not just simply why not.

Ask away,


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