Be An Influence, Not Influenced

“The only way I know to drive out evil from the country is by the constructive method of filling it with good.” -Calvin Coolidge

There is so much evil in the world and it has such a profound influence on the lives of so many people. Those who support this evil are also the ones who encourage it, and try to get you to do the same. Luckily, there is also so much good in the world! The choice each of us faces everyday is will we be influenced by the evil, or will we be influenced by the good? The people we interact with, the things we read, what we listen to, they can all impact the way we think and the decisions we make. In order to drive out the evil in our lives and fill it with good, we must move only towards those things that promote virtue. We can find a way to become more virtuous in every situation, but some are easier than others. With all the influence evil has on the world, it can become very difficult to choose the path that leads to virtue rather than wickedness. We need to have the courage and determination to choose to be virtuous. Once you have done so, you need to influence those around us to be the same. With all the evil everyone faces, you can be the good that people turn to so they can drive out the evil. In order to become a society that loves liberty, we must first become a society that admires virtue and despises evil. Instead of being influenced by the evil, be an influence for good.

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