Now or Never

As I write each post every week, I try to think of reasons as to why people wouldn’t want liberty, and I believe a common reason no one fights for it today, is because they believe they already have it. Every since we were kids we were told the America is free, which is true, but we are never told that at one point, it was freer. We’re told that where we are now is as good as it gets so we don’t try. We fool ourselves into believing that we could not possibly be loosing our liberty because that cannot happen in America. To this John Trenchard warns, “there is no natural or political body but is subject to the variations and injuries of time. Both are composed of springs, wheels, and ligaments, all in perpetual motion, and all liable to wear out and decay.” Over time, no matter how great the Constitution is or how amazing the government you set up is, without virtuous people defending it, they will loose their liberty. We need to be constantly striving toward liberty, especially now that it is already being taken from us. To continue the words of Trenchard, “Now act honestly and boldly for liberty, or forget the glorious and charming sound.” I have used this quote before, and will most likely use it again because it is simple and true! We will never be able to feel the embrace of liberty if we do nothing to fight for it.

Yours truly,


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