Advocating for Liberty

“No man will take great pains, spend his youth, and lose his pleasures, to purchase infamy or punishment… Ignorance accompanies slavery, and is introduced to people by it. People who live in freedom will think with freedom; but when the kind is enslaved by fear, and the body by chains, inquiry and study will be at an end.” -Thomas Gordon

Fear is a crucial tool of a tyrant. When we are afraid to break a “law” although it is unconstitutional, the tyrant gains more power. When we are afraid to learn and listen to principles, the tyrant laughs. Most importantly, when we are afraid to be an advocate for liberty, the tyrant wins.

The definition of an advocate is “a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause.” An advocate of liberty is someone who is not afraid to stand up in front of others to teach them about liberty. It is someone who strives to learn more about liberty by reading the words of the founding fathers and those who inspired them. An advocate of liberty knows of its importance and is striving to restore it. Now, none of us our perfect, which means sometimes, we are afraid to stand up and declare the worth of liberty; sometimes, we neglect to take time to study and learn; and sometimes, we forget how important liberty really is; but that does not mean we cannot strive to be advocates for liberty. We need to recognize that when we are afraid to do so, the tyrant is winning. We cannot let fear enslave our minds. We cannot be subject to tyranny. Venture to be an advocate for liberty, and support liberty at all costs.

Yours truly,


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