Capable of Greatness

In Ayn Rand’s novel Anthem, she creates a society in which the government strips the world of any knowledge that would cause people to think. The people learn from a young age that they cannot think or act for themselves and that they are not an individual at all; they don’t even know the word “I” but only the collective “we”. Though today we are allowed to refer to ourselves as “I” and have a little more freedom than the society in Ayn Rand’s story, we are still being taught to think in such a way that prevents us from reaching our full potential. Like the people in Rand’s novel, we are unaware that there is more than what is being taught in the government issued curriculum and that we are not completely free. This is the case, not to keep us safe, but because if society knew more about liberty and tyranny they would recognize they are not free and put a stop to tyranny, which of course is the opposite of what a tyrant wants. Each and every person is completely unique, and has an unbelievable amount of potential, but if we are told that we can only do so much and limit ourselves, we will never reach our full potential and might never discover what we are truly capable of. Do not allow yourself to be told that people like Patrick Henry, James Madison, or George Washington just don’t exist anymore; you can become that kind of person! Do not allow someone to tell you you are incapable of making a difference because if you have a desire to do so you can accomplish amazing things. If you are willing to put in the hard work required to gaining knowledge and virtue, and disregard all those telling you “you can’t”, liberty can and will be restored.

Yours truly,


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