Tyranny vs. Patriotism

Sometimes we don’t realize that the people we have chosen to govern over us aren’t as patriotic as they want us to believe they are. There are differences, however, in how a patriot would govern a society versus how a tyrant governs a society that we can use to determine which is which.

A tyrant makes promises he cannot and does not intend to keep in order to get the people’s vote. A tyrant disregards the constitution and any boundaries it places on him. He tells the people they are free, only so he can enslave them further. He has no interest in the people’s well being, but only in what can benefit himself. However, tyrants are clever. A tyrant will hide behind the shield of “protection and freedom” but his actions prove all he wants is power. A society governed by a tyrant is enslaved, most of the time without realizing it.

A patriot, on the other hand, would have a desire to govern over people not to benefit himself, but to bring liberty to the people he is governing over. He would realize he is making a sacrifice by being willing to govern over the people. A patriot would never promise the people anything that is outside his constitutional boundaries and his sole purpose is to protect the people and make them freer. A patriot studies and learns all that he can about the constitution so he does not cross any boundaries and doesn’t take any liberty away from the people. A patriot knows and studies history, and strives to be as the great men of history, and not repeat any mistakes previously made. Most importantly, a patriot is virtuous. He works to become better daily and, realizing he is not perfect, corrects any mistakes he has made. He cares about those around him, and desires to help them. A patriot loves liberty and wants everyone to know of and obtain it. A society governed by a patriot is free. They thrive, have peace, and are virtuous and happy.

As we look throughout our country’s history, we have been both plagued with “charming” tyrants and blessed with loyal patriots. It’s up to us to decided what we want in the future and to keep it in mind when new candidates are thrust into the public eye. Are they a tyrant, ready to disguise their evils as protection? Or are they a patriot, ready to uphold the values that matter?

Which one are you?


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