Appreciation: A Wonderful Thing

Appreciate, a word meaning to recognize the full worth of. I feel like there many things that happen on a daily basis we do not appreciate like we should. The small acts of kindness those around us preform, the little things that just work out to make a situation better, and the good parts of your day, all seem to go unappreciated or often unnoticed. We don’t notice their full worth. But why is it so important to appreciate something? Why does it even matter? Voltaire explains, “appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” If we choose to overlook the small things that make our day go better, we don’t notice them and cannot allow them to bring the full amount of joy into our lives as they could have. For example, if you are having a bad day and someone smiles at you as they pass you in the hall; that is something so easy to overlook, but if you appreciate it, it can make your day so much better than how it was before, simply because you noticed and valued that small act of kindness. Not only this, but we even overlook big things that deserve to be appreciated. The sacrifices people made in the past for our freedom, the sacrifices people make today, and those who are constantly there for us, teaching us and bringing us closer to virtue and liberty. As we go throughout our day and try to bring ourselves to notice the things that often go unnoticed, we will become happier and more virtuous.

Yours truly,


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