Being Accountable

Everyone at one point has struggled with remaining accountable. Whether it’s because there are too many things on your plate or there are just better things to do, whatever it may be, there are times when the tasks at hand don’t get done. In those moments, people always look to someone or something else to blame. In the end, it is always our fault that we were not accountable. As Ronald Reagan once said, “It is time to restore that American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions”. While you are responsible for your own actions, that does not mean you can not reach out for help. One of the easiest ways to build accountability in yourself is finding a friend to support you and keep you in line. You can’t put everything on their shoulders, but you can ask for help. Or maybe you are the one on whom others can rely. Not everyone is perfectly centered on their own. But in order to hold others accountable, we must first look to ourselves.

In government, we always want our representatives to act responsibly. Together, we can build accountability on a small scale, later expanding it to those in charge. Like we always say, if we ourselves become virtuous, our governments will follow. So when we are asked whose fault is it that we are where we are, we must realize we are the ones accountable.

Yours Truly,


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