Two Years and Still Just the Beginning

It is official. It has been two years since America Restored published our first entry! Since June 16, 2016, we have written exactly one hundred entries and received nearly four thousand views. I cannot believe how much this website has grown since then and I am so grateful for how much support we have received. It amazes me to look back at how much I, personally, have learned and grown over these past two years while writing for America Restored and I am also incredibly grateful for that. These past two years we have written about the principles of liberty and virtue that we value most, and we want everyone to know how important these principles are. They are the principles our founding fathers valued more than almost anything, fought for, and risked almost everything for. They are the principles that thousands have sacrificed their lives for. As we strive to live by these principles, we will be able to restore liberty. As we continue America Restored, we hope to continue to be able to teach others and to be able to continue to learn and grow ourselves. To those who have been with us since the beginning, thank you so much for being willing to continue and for supporting us. For those who are just now reading America Restored, thank you for seeking knowledge and trying us out. Once again, we are so grateful for the experiences, support, and knowledge we have received throughout these two years and we hope for more to come!

Thank you,


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