Happy Independence Day!

Benjamin Franklin declared, “Where liberty dwells, there is my country.”

242 years ago, fifty six men signed the Declaration of Independence in order to finally free themselves from the tyranny that had been reigning over them. However, this was not always their first choice, and many were hesitant to do so. Most of those men did not want to be independent from Great Britain, but it was the only option if they wanted to restore liberty to the thirteen colonies and just like Benjamin Franklin, they considered liberty to be one of the most important things they could posses. Today, we celebrate the amazing bravery, wisdom, and courage each of our founding fathers demonstrated. They sacrificed their time, money, and even their lives in order to ensure our freedom. So many of the things we praise them for were so difficult for them to accomplish and we need to recognize just how much they gave so that we would know the blessing of liberty. Independence Day is not only a day for us to celebrate our Independence, but for us to remember why we have it and how much was sacrificed in order for us to be obtain that independence and liberty. As we remember these things, I hope we can all be reminded that we have a duty to restore that same liberty they fought to restore. The amount of virtue each of those men possessed is nearly impossible to live up to. They were selfless, brave, and kind, but as we look to them, I hope we can all try to become like them. Brigham Young taught that, “true independence and freedom can only exist in doing what is right.” If we all do what is right, we can become just as virtuous as those men and women and accomplish just as much. This Independence Day, remember the love of liberty, the dedication to their country, and the concern for their posterity each of those men and women possessed. Remember their sacrifices for liberty and that we must work and sacrifice too if we are to restore it again.

Yours truly,


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