Courage Is…

C.S Lewis explained that “Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at its testing point.”

As I’ve said countless times, the world often does not make things easy. There are so many temptations pulling this way and that. It sometimes seems so much easier to give up. To just allow yourself to do whatever everyone around you is telling you to, regardless of if it’s morally right. People often don’t realize how much courage it takes to remain virtuous.

As C.S Lewis said, courage is being able to remain virtuous, and stand firm in your principles, even when it seems impossible. Courage is being able to say no when the whole entire world is screaming yes. Courage is the ability to stand firm when everyone else is falling. Courage is recognizing the truth and not disregarding it for anything. All the work put into become virtuous would be for nothing if you don’t have the courage to stand firm in what you’ve accomplished.

It is true what Plato said, that “courage is knowing what not to fear.” All of those who are telling you to believe in or do something wrong are not to be feared. In the long run, they have no power. The only thing we need fear is not living up to our potential and not doing what we know we should be doing. I promise you, if you are doing what is right it is never impossible to have the courage to stay on that path. It is not easy or popular, but it will bless you more than you know. Just recognize that it takes courage. I know that each of us can stand firm and remain virtuous if we are willing to do so.

Yours truly,


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