We Are in Your Hands

The fight to restore liberty is not a solo venture. We are united under a unified goal, to restore the principles that once were. While the camaraderie may prove to be an essential benefit to this cause, it can also hold us back. As Trenchard and Gordon wrote in Cato’s Letter Number 70, “Consider what you are about, and whether you will bring life or death upon us. Oh! take care of yourselves, and of us all. We are all in your hands, and so at present are your representatives; but very quickly the scene will be shifted, and both you and we will be in theirs.” The fate of the people is in your hands, in all of our hands. Unfortunately for us, the scene has already shifted. We now look to our representatives for instruction when they should be looking to us. We are in their hands, following what they say and living how they decide. This should not be the case. We choose them. We elect them, and we can kick them out. So why don’t we? The fate of America is in all our hands, right now. Now is the time! We have the power and the right to get the scene back into focus, right the car on the road, and put things back they way they should be, but our fate is in your hands, in everyone’s hands. We must work together to overcome this. Consider your votes and consider your allegiances because they just might impact the entire population. Also in Letter 70, Trenchard and Gordon pleaded, “For God’s sake, Gentlemen, and for your own, and for all our sakes, show your spirit, your understanding, and activity, upon this occasion; and the hearty prayers and wishes of every honest man will attend you. Alas Gentlemen with tears I tell you that the cure of corruption is left to you.” We have the spirit of the restoration, we have the understanding of what needs to be, we participate in the proper activities, all we must do is show it. Show it to the world, to the community, and most importantly to those who wish to serve us. Show them what you want and show they what you expect. Show them that you see them, you see their corruption, and you see someone better standing in the wings. The cure of corruption is left to us. We need only to find it and to put it in use, but it will take all of us that know how in order to accomplish this. Keep in mind the next steps you take on the path to liberty, as they will be the steps that affect us all.

Yours truly,


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