Go Forward, Regardless

Something important for each of us to always keep in mind is that no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to get everyone see things exactly how we do. We cannot change the minds of everyone, we cannot make them feel everything that we feel, and we cannot convince them of every truth.

As we go about teaching, we naturally want everyone to be on the same page we are, to quickly see how great the principles we are trying to teach are. However, this is never the case. People take time to come to an understanding of the timeless principles such as liberty and tyranny. And sometimes, they choose never to seek out that understanding. This can sometimes be so frustrating knowing that what you are trying to teach is so important and beneficial and they simply choose to ignore it. But, the beautiful truth is that though we have no control over what others think, say, or do, we do have complete control over how we act. We can be virtuous, study diligently, and teach others regardless of how those around us act. As we have said countless times, there will always be opposition, but that should never determine how diligent we are in pursuing timeless truths. Benjamin Franklin affirmed that, “An investment of knowledge pays the best interest.” It doesn’t matter if everyone believes you or if everyone ignores you, the knowledge you teach others, if good and virtuous, will always benefit someone and that gift will surpass all others. So, do not be discouraged by the lack of understanding or interest those you are teaching seem to have obtained. It is okay! As long as you are constantly doing your best and pursuing what is right you will make a difference,  someone will learn because of your example, and you will personally grow and be strengthened.

Yours truly,

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