What If?

It’s a scary question, I know, but really – what if? This opens up a world of possibilities, an open-ended book where you can fill in your future. But, really, it can be simpler than that. The “if” can become stressful, or frightening, and people want to shy away. This doesn’t have to be a burden; it can be a gift. What if it happens? What if it comes to me? What if we win? Why should this be scary? It’s motivating, like “why not”. So, what if you make it? Is that not encouraging enough? Yes, a vast ocean of options is waiting in front of you, and some parts will be good. There has to be a bright light at the end of our tunnel as long as we take the right turns. But what if you fall? Well, what if someone sees you fall and now knows not to step there. But what if you get stuck, what if you can’t walk on? Well, what if you just can’t do it alone, what if someone now tries to walk ahead of you. But what if there is no end? Well, what if you’re better off half-way than no-way. Anyone can look at a mountain of possibilities and see the darkest shadows hiding everything else. You might have to dig, but there is a what if that you can find to push you further. There is the great what if that everyone asks, but every person defines their own answer; everyone has their own what if. So, what if no one reads this? Well, what if someone does. And what if I’m wrong? Well, what if I’m better off for it. What if it doesn’t help people? Well, what if it helps me. What if you can change yourself, and thereby change the world? Don’t shy away, just ask, what if?


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