Show Kindness

With the elections going on, there is so much contention among everyone. You can barely turn on the tv without seeing an ad saying awful things about someone, or enter a conversation about politics without someone getting angry. People are getting so caught up in their party and point of views that they are forgetting to show kindness and understanding. Everyone has an opinion, and that doesn’t mean one side is completely right and the other is completely wrong. We must recognize that the important thing is not to force everyone believe what you believe, but to study, grow, and teach and then accept what happens because of that.

Francis Bacon warned, “read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourage; but to weigh and consider.”
We should be striving for knowledge because of all the good it can do; because it makes us better and helps us to assist other to do the same. We should never seek knowledge simply so we can tear down people who simply have a different opinion than us.

We always say to strive for virtue, and one of the biggest parts of that is being kind. We cannot read the minds of everyone around us, so we should not be so quick to judge and act unkindly to people. If we work with those around us instead of against them, we will go much farther and create something so much stronger. Do not allow your ideas to come in the way of how you treat your neighbors. Always teach what you know, but never do it with discouragement or hate. Work toward virtue and remember to show everyone that kindness no matter what.

Yours truly,

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