Do Not Settle

Every day we are faced with questions. Some are simple and we can answer immediately, others require more time and thought. As we ask these more difficult questions, it can be really frustrating when we work toward an answer but can never find one. However, the important thing to remember is that we cannot give up and we cannot settle for the answers society lays out for us.

A question each of us may face is, “what should I be doing right now and where should I be heading?” We all want to know where we are meant to be now and meant to be headed but finding the answer to this takes hard work, and once you find the answer it often leads to more work. So in response, the world answers, “you should not have to care” People will urge you to do what is not right for you. But remember that we each have a specific purpose and duty, and we should never settle for something else just because it’s easier. Those things we know, the things we’re good at, and the things we’re drawn to, all lead us closer to what we are meant to be doing. At times it is so tempting to just stop in the middle of your journey. After all, it is terrifying when you don’t know where you’re going and you can’t see the end, but we cannot settle. We must press forward, even if blindly.

Never be scared to ask a question, never be scared of the answer, and never settle for the world’s reply. Only by asking the important questions and studying them out will you be able to discover the most important answers. Every person from history whom we respect and revere had to, at one point, as themselves questions that they knew would not have a simple answer. Regardless, they asked the questions, the slaved for an answer, and when they found one they worked hard to live up to it. I hope we can all do the same and allow our carefully discovered answers to guide us to virtue and liberty.

Yours truly,

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