You Are in Control

I’ve written before about what it means to truly be happy. And that we can choose for ourselves if we want to be that way. But the world constantly tells us otherwise, so I feel like it’s important to address once again.

We are constantly confronted with lies promising happiness, or telling us that with our circumstances happiness is unobtainable. While it might be easy, we cannot buy into these lies. We are the only ones responsible for our happiness and no one can take it away, or even give it. The word happiness does not refer to our worldly pleasures, but our virtue. As we strive for virtue and knowledge, we are in the pursuit of happiness.

George Washington said that “happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.” But why? Because as we do what we are meant to be doing, we are fulfilling the job we have been given and accomplishing our purpose, and nothing can give us a greater sense of joy than this. No one can tell us our circumstances restrict us from true happiness because we are in charge of our own moral character. And no one can promise us happiness from worldly pleasures because they bring only temporary satisfaction, but soon die away and we feel the need for something more. Though today’s entry may be brief, the message is true. You can be happy. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. As you work toward what you know to be right, joy, real joy, will undoubtedly come.

Yours truly,


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