Today, there are a lot of things that pull your attention all over the place. While some of these distractions are based on an unvirtuous pillar, some are just that: distractions. People today never sit still. It’s one place to the next with ten thousand jobs to take care of along the way. I know I myself am guilty of being swept up in one endless task to another with no moment where I simply stop. But how is this affecting us? Well, primarily in two ways. 1) It prohibits us from having any true deep reflection. Never do we sit down in pure silence and stop to recall the day. We don’t have commonplace books like the founders where we could recount the things we heard, saw, and learned. When we have a break, we pull out our phones to check social media or play a little game or text our friends. The problem is that this reflection time is when some of our best thoughts are had. In the silence we can think more deeply and process more clearly. If we are constantly running, how will we ever stop to think about what is really going on? And this leads to me to 2) we are distracted from seeing what really matters. Because of everything that is being thrown at us, it gets harder and harder to look through to the important aspects of life. You don’t see or hear something truly amazing because you don’t stop to look around. The biggest things we miss due to all of our distractions are the government’s actions. There is a reason our attention is pulled one way then the other, and it is because they are trying to shield you eyes from the evil that is happening. We become so caught up in unimportant things that we never stop to ask what is really going on. We must eliminate the unimportant distractions from our lives if we ever want to focus on what really matters. It’s not going to be easy. Mindless nonsense had been pumped into our heads for decades now, and it has only gotten worse. If we take a minute to slow down and turn everything off, we can bring ourselves closer to the truth. Stop and smell the roses, sit down with yourself and think. It will only help in the long run.

Yours Truly,


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