Losing Yourself

As everyone is celebrating the holidays, people are taking time to focus on others, on giving and being kind to those around us. It’s sad to think that this mentality only seems to last such a short time out of the year. Jean Jacques Rousseau questioned, “what wisdom can you find that is far greater than kindness?” All the knowledge that you strive for, the wisdom you seek, the work you put in to become better; isn’t it ultimately for the good of others? Whether it’s those in the future or those who live now, people will undoubtedly be affected by the good we are doing right now. So if we are working to make the lives better of those we don’t know, why not strive to be kind to those we see on a daily basis? Let us put aside political parties, views, and ideas and just see each other as people. In order to better yourself and increase your own personal virtue, you must first, as Ghandi put it, “lose yourself in the service of others.” As we go about doing service for others, we forget about the things in our lives that weigh us down and are lifted up in seeing the joy we can bring to the lives of those around us. As you continue to celebrate the holidays, strive to keep that feeling of charity and kindness in your heart throughout the year. Ultimately, it will bring you closer to your goals.

Yours truly,


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